Clean energy for tomorrow
Timur Khromaev‏ Founder Gase Energy‏
Our Principles
Clean energy

Gas is the most environmentally friendly fuel. The use of natural gas offers a number of environmental benefits compere to other sources of energy. We are standing for pollution free world for generation to come.

Energy independence


We support Ukraine and Eastern Europe in energy independence from Russia by developing gas industry, using local reserves.

Better future for people

We make a better future for people by creating a new jobs, building more effective economy, less dependent on imported energy sources. It’s our main challenge to make the world a better place.

Invest in future
In a world where heavy industry has always been a popular choice for investment and healthy profits we can now truly make our investment influence the health and wealth of our environment - making a difference to millions of people by virtue of your decision. Imagine influencing the creation of thousands of jobs, reducing the footprint of industrial impact on our natural resources, developing eco friendly solutions for a sustainable future.
And this is not the whole story of how your investments can have a positive impact as well as a profitable return: natural gas is the future of energy and "Gase Energy" is the company to make change a reality. Invest in change - "Gase Energy" is developing our tomorrow.
Expert’s opinion
“Outlook highlights the power of competition and market forces in unlocking technology and innovation to meet the world’s energy needs. These factors make us optimistic for the world’s energy future.”
Bob Dudley
BP Group Chief Executive